1. Meet with my mortgage and credit expert. My trusted mortgage consultant will analyze your income, debts, monthly expenses, savings, assets, and your credit history. He will show you what mortgage payment you can afford without a drastic change in lifestyle and how to increase you credit score so you qualify for the lowest interest rates available.

2. Meet with me, your professional real estate consultant. I take the time to understand your needs and concerns so I can advise you properly and help you go through with your plans. Anyone can find you a home and get you financed. That’s great for today, but what about tomorrow or 5 years from now. We’ll consider your duration in this home and look at future resale, the neighborhood’s economic future, and any plans of an increase in your household. I do not let my clients max themselves out by buying the biggest home they can afford. This way you’ll have money to personalize and decorate your home. That’s half the fun of home ownership!

3. Select properties according to your criteria and what suits your needs best determined through our consultation.

4. View the selected properties. We will personally tour the selected properties and find the one that feels like “home”. I’ll show you how to compare homes and make decisions.

5. Write an offer. We will discuss what makes an offer the most attractive and what a seller will absolutely reject. I will advise you on the terms and conditions of the offer, fill out the purchase contract, and present your offer to the seller’s agent.

6. Negotiations and counteroffers. Once again I will advise you on the terms and issues of the counteroffer and negotiate it on your behalf.

7. Offer acceptance. Once an offer is accepted, “time is of the essence”. I schedule, coordinate, and supervise the preparation and completion of contingencies and inspections.

8. Prepare for closing. I review all closing documents and guide you through the closing process. I will insure everything is in place for a smooth closing.

9. Meet with all parties and close the deal. Chris and myself will be at the closing table with you to answer any questions and take part in this exciting day.

10. Enjoy your new home. Following these steps puts you in the right position and in the right home for years to come.